Tapio chains are extremely well suited for forestry tractor and agricultural use. The double spike gives good grip and the links lie well against the tire surface giving good driving comfort on forest roads and agricultural roads, on ice and mud. 

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A lightweight chain for tractors and industrial machines with vertical bar studs for all types of paved roads. This model provides good grip and driving comfort, particularly for snow-cleaning and municipal service. EasyOn is fast and easy to install and remove from tires and can easily be shortened to provide an exact fit. EasyOn 5 for machines with less than 120 hp; EasyOn 6,5 for machines with more than 120 hp.

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The OFA Hakki tractor chains are manufactured from boron steel and hardened in the same specialized process as our forestry chains.

The Hakki 11 has 11 mm twisted chain link with two 11 mm studs. This chain is recommended for bigger tractor and its bigger tires. Can be used also in forest operations like forest tractors, small skidders also for lightweight forwarders.

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