OFA Production

A customer oriented expert in chain products.

We have manufactured chain products for professional use since 1903. However, the roots of our industrial expertise reach back even further than that: it was already in 1886 when Loimijoki Spike Fabrik, a nail factory, started its operations at the very same spot, on the bank of Loimaa’s Hirvikoski rapid. In Loimaa, we employ 55 experienced professionals, who are dedicated to developing our products and operations so that we are continuously able to improve our customer service.

From Finland to the World

We manufacture all our products from start to finish in Finland. We use special boron steel as our raw-material. Over the years, we have grown to be the market leader in professional traction chains, and our high-quality products are famous all over the world. Our strongest market areas include the Nordic Countries, Russia, North-America and Central Europe. Thanks to our comprehensive central warehouse and our global dealer network, our products are always available wherever our clients need them.

We manufacture high-quality chains for the needs of agriculture, construction, snow cleaning, forestry and transportation. All chains have been case-hardened in a special process which makes the chain extremely durable with high surface hardness and provides the chain with excellent fatigue strength and a resilient core. You can find the suitable chain size for all present and past tire sizes in our selection. The chains are easy to mount, and you can put them quickly in position when you need some extra traction for your tires. Our impeccable expertise, polished manufacturing methods and ISO 9001 certified quality management system guarantee that our products will endure even the hardest of conditions. 

Forestry chains

Forestry chains have been designed to endure demanding logging conditions. The chains will increase traction, decrease fuel consumption, protect the tires and provide extra balance to the forestry machines. Over the years, OFA has grown to be a market leader in professional Forestry chains. The company’s tyre chains known for long lifetime, easy mounting, and good tyre fit. OFA best-selling forestry chain is the Matti W – a universal chain for all forestry machine applications. Tapio 11 is market's best snow chain for small and medium size Skidders and tractors used in Forest.

Snow chains

Snow chains are also known for their good traction and durability. We offer both studded traction chains and non-studded winter chains for agricultural and construction machinery and
municipal applications like snow cleaning. Our snow chain family include chains for snow ploughing, agricultural use and forestry use, as well as lighter models for faster on-road driving.

Truck chains

Truck chains maintain the traction and the maneuverability of a heavy vehicle with excellent torque and pull durability in demanding conditions. Our selection also includes studded and non-studded chains for the winter use of different kinds of working machines. OFA-chain products provide our customers with added value to their operations in terms of safety, quality and profitability.