Forestry Chains

OFA forestry chains meet the demands of working in tough logging environments in a variety of ways. They significantly increase traction, thereby reducing fuel consumption. The chains protect the sides and treads of expensive tires against stones and branches. Over the years, OFA has grown to be a market leader in Forestry chains. OFA forestry chains are known for long lifetime, easy mounting and good tire fit. 


U-Grip is the classic forest machine chain for conditions where excellent grip, tire protection and additional weight are required. The U-stud, welded under the chain link, ensures constant power and weight transfer from the tire for excellent traction. Available for light and heavy-weight forestry machines.

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Matti W

Matti W meets all the challenges of the professional logging work: it holds and bites where ordinary steel would bend. Matti W is manufactured from straight-link chain and it is available in several pitch (regular, tight and supertight) with diamond pattern. Matti W is available for light and heavy-weight forest machines.

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Craftec chains are a lighter choice for forestry machines. The tread chain has a looser two diamond pattern which makes the chain easy to clean. Lower weight makes the chain also quick to install. Craftec is a good universal chain for all forest machines

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Twist chains are designed for lightweight forest machines and construction machines. The tread chain has two diamonds and the links are made of twisted chain so they lie tight against the tyre surface and give very aggressive traction. Twist chains give a good tyre protection against stones and stumps.

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Tapio is a chain with one diamond pattern, recommended for lightweight forest operations like forest tractors, small skidders and lightweight forwarders. The looser pattern ensures easy installation and good self-cleaning whilst maintaining enough grip for most applications.

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Ring Chains

Big Mega-Dozer is a heavy lug ring chain, which provides traction and tire protection for the largest, hardest working skidders. 

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