Paragon Soft 16 is a development of the original Paragon 16 with improved performance on soft terrains. The longitudinal chain lines are a unique feature of Paragon 16. These promote smooth running and lower rolling resistance. Furthermore, the dual link chain lines, small cross diamonds and side tension chain make fitting, service and adjust easier than traditional diamond chains. The tensioning chain, which is standard on Paragon 16 chains, along with other features promote excellent fitment to the tyre and protection for the tyre sidewall and shoulders.


Kuormatraktorit Harvesterit Tire >650mm Size class L Size class M
Wear chain (mm) 16
Stud (mm) 19
Side chain (mm) 13
Side chain attachment welded link 16
Tensioning chain yes
Chain mounting plug coupler 16
Side chain mounting schackel 13
Color green paint
Packaging wooden box
Additional information
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