New OFA products launched at Elmia Wood 2017

OFA Paragon 16 Soft is a development of the original Paragon 16 with a more open chain pattern, resulting in improved performance on soft terrains. The longitudinal studded chain lines enable simplified adjustment and reduced maintenance. Paragon 16 Soft suits very well for forwarders, as the transverse chain lines make the chain very stable on tyre, regardless of the driving direction. The tensioning chain protects the tyre sidewall and shoulders.

OFA U-Grip 22 is a new heavy-duty skidder chain. The U-stud, which is welded under the chain link, ensures constant power and weight transfer from the tire for excellent grip. The casehardened 22 mm (7/8”) chain link, made from German high-grade boron steel, ensures best-in-class lifetime for the most extreme conditions. 100 mm high stud profile provides maximum traction in snow and mud and the round sharp studs ensure high traction on ice and hard ground.

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